Next year marks 15 years that I’ve worked almost entirely remotely. 

As a freelance copywriter, I run my business out of my home office (grant it the home has changed a couple of times over the past decade). I have a great set up, which makes it easy to work through the variety of copywriting projects I tackle each day.

I’m a huge advocate for remote working, because technology means we no longer need bums on seats to get a job done well. In fact, remote working means a company anywhere in the world can hire a specialist, without ever having to meet the person in person.

While most of my client base is in Canberra, I’ve also worked with companies in Sydney and Melbourne, and as far afield as New Zealand and the United States.

Have I ever experienced any drawbacks? No.

Yes, my inbox is flooded with emails every day and I’m on the phone a lot, but remote working has never stopped me from building strong relationships with clients. In fact, it has enabled it.

How tech helps

While phone and email is my “go to”, I’m also a big fan of online platforms such as:

  • Basecamp
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • GatherContent
  • Slickplan

These tools make it easy to keep track of projects, and work with subject matter experts or teams who are all invested in achieving the same high quality outcome.

Do I ever meet with clients?

Of course. If my clients are in Canberra, we make a point to grab a coffee at least once a year. If I’m working on a larger project, I might head into a client’s office for several meetings as it moves through various stages.

It’s always nice to meet face to face. But as someone who dedicates their day to delivering for clients, I need to be at my desk.

You’ll almost never see me at a networking event, or shopping at midday. And the same goes for many other freelancers I know. We work ridiculously hard, and often much longer hours than we would in an office.

But we love it. Why? Because flexibility and freedom come at a price, and those who get to work on their own terms are usually all too happy to pay it.

Do I ever work while I’m standing in a pool or lying on a beach?

No. Any serious freelancer knows there are 2 essentials to get a job done right:

  1. A strong internet connection
  2. Quiet (so you can answer the phone and speak with clients)

Don’t believe those YouTube videos where someone casually floats through a pool with their laptop perched on the edge as they try to sell you on the “enviable freelancer life”.

I don’t think my laptop would last long if I subjected it to a day in the sand, either.

Remote working is great, but it’s not all lattes and cocktails. A home office is just another place to hang your hat while you do what you do best. 

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