Copywriting and content editing case studies

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Here are a few case studies of projects I’ve worked on.

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SEO optimised website content

Who: Builder

Problem: Their website wasn’t ranking well or engaging potential customers.

What I did:

  • Evaluate existing content and SEO (showed it was not optimised)
  • Write title tags and meta descriptions
  • Rewrite all website content, optimised for search
  • Develop a lead generation download to capture website visitor details
  • Create a blog post schedule based on SEO research
  • Write a monthly blog to position them as an expert and help with ranking

Result: Client moved to page 1 in their industry (highly competitive) leading to a significant increase in organic leads.

Clearly define a service and captivate potential customers

Who: National accounting firm

Problem: Captivate potential customers with quality content that positions the firm as an expert across their extensive range of services.

What I did:

  • Develop a content plan for each service area
  • Write a clear and simple web page explaining the service, optimised for search engines (SEO)
  • Write 2 blog posts for each service area, targeting frequent search terms
  • Write an engaging video script with graphic recommendations
  • Produce messaging statements and social media marketing text
  • Develop a lead generation download

Result: SEO-optimised content that finds potential new customers, positions the firm as an expert, and engages potential customers across a variety of mediums.

Taglines for a creative agency’s client

Who: Creative agency’s client

Problem: Fun taglines to describe the client’s products (they had previously engaged another copywriter who produced 50 taglines, but the client didn’t like them).

What I did:

  • Take the brief from the creative agency
  • Develop 25 possible taglines
  • Deliver to creative agency to pass to client

Result: The client loved them, and has since chosen 6 taglines to use on their product packaging and in marketing materials.

Redevelop information architecture (IA) and edit content

Who: Leading federal government department

Problem: Long, complex content that was difficult to navigate.

What I did:

  • Partnered with a consultancy to conduct an extensive website audit
  • Redevelop information architecture (IA) for priority areas of the website
  • Edit content aligned to web accessibility standards and DTA guidelines
  • Collaborate with subject matter experts over phone and email
  • Finalise content ready for final approval

Result: Highly improved user experience, simplified content easy to find and follow.

Edit complex content

Who: Communications consultancy

Problem: Rewrite complex content on several government agency websites.

What I did:

  • Simplify information architecture (IA) for sections of website, aligned to higher level IA
  • Edit content in line with web accessibility standards and DTA guidelines
  • Collaborate with subject matter experts over phone and email
  • Finalise content ready for upload by developers

Result: The project lead received great feedback about my content, which simplified a complex subject and made finding and understanding the information easy.

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