Powerful marketing copy

What is marketing copy?

Marketing copy is a combination of writing and psychology.

You have to be a good writer to write for marketing. But you also need to understand what makes people tick, and why they would want to buy what you’re selling.

Many elements go into effective marketing copy: from word choice to word placement and formatting.

I believe great copy is three things:

1. Clear and simple
2. Authentic and honest
3. Well written

What are the benefits of great marketing copy?

✓ Captures attention

✓ Keeps attention

✓ Gets your message across quickly and powerfully

✓ Is memorable

✓ Drives action

✓ Increases awareness

✓ Builds credibility

You are an amazing person and you have transformed my business to a level that I never could have imagined.

Jackie Warburton – Terra Solarus

What can you write for me?

I never share clients’ copywriting work online, but you can contact me for a sample of almost any type of copywriting. I’ve done (and do) it all.

Contact me for copywriting or editing:

✓ Advertorials
✓ Direct marketing letters
✓ Brochures and flyers
✓ Taglines
✓ Video scripts
✓ Product descriptions
✓ Wholesaler listings
✓ Letters of Introduction / letters to buyers

I also write press releases, though I usually recommend you consider contacting a PR consultant. Their relationship with media is often half the battle in getting published!

What’s your process?

Contact me for a friendly chat.

We’ll discuss your project and I’ll send you a quote.

Sign off on the quote, pay a 50% deposit and your project will be scheduled for my first availability.

I’ll write the copy and send it to you for review. If needed, I can make amendments until it works perfectly.