A few years ago, I wanted to find a great business coach.

I found myself on the website of a person who touted their years of experience and great reviews from clients, and I was compelled to contact them…until I visited the “Services” section of their website.

Among a few other skills somewhat related to coaching, this person also claimed to be a copywriter. As an experienced copywriter myself, my first thought was any copywriter worth their weight doesn’t have time to be a business coach! So any business coach worth their weight shouldn’t have time to be a copywriter.

I didn’t call them.

When someone enjoys a subject matter so much they dedicate their working lives to it, it’s reasonable to expect they know their stuff. 

They do that, and only that, day in and day out. They read up on the latest trends and insights in their field, and work on projects that give them countless hours of experience.

That’s what I do as a copywriter. And that’s what I wanted from a business coach (I did find a great one, by the way).

Find your specialty

If you have your foot in a few doors and want to simplify your business, think about what you’re really great at and the type of work you want to do every day.

Then double down on it. Show your customers why you, and only you, can help with that type of work and how you do it better.

Successful businesses that offer a diverse range of services (such as a creative agency or accounting or legal firm) often do well because each service is managed by a specialist. These specialists have exceptional knowledge, do a quality job for clients, and make positive mentors for new starters in the field.

To help potential customers see this as a point of difference, find a great copywriter who can distil the true expertise of each service area, and demonstrate it clearly in web and other marketing content.

Icing on the cake

Specialising has other benefits too.

For example, it can make it easier to rank well on search engines (SEO).

When I thought the transmission in my car was playing up, I searched “transmission expert Canberra”. One came up near where I live, and their content lived and breathed transmissions. I was quick to call them.

Specialising can also make it easier to get approached for speaking engagements, get referrals from other businesses that complement yours (I’m always referring to and getting referrals from web designers!), and produce niche content that positions you as the expert in your field.

What does your business specialise in?

Get help to define your specialty.