What is an advertorial?

An advertorial is an article in a newspaper or magazine (print or digital) that reads like an interesting news story, but has been carefully crafted for the benefit of the business that is paying for it.

For an advertorial to work, it needs to strike a 50/50 balance between newsworthy/valuable content and promotion.

It should tell a story that piques the audience’s interest, keeps their attention, and invites them to take action.

How long is an advertorial?

Generally 500-700 words.

What is the layout of an advertorial?

  • Newsworthy heading
  • Intriguing lead paragraph
  • Developed story
  • Quotes from the business owner or person representing the business
  • Strong call to action

Why do an advertorial?

An advertorial is a great way to reach a diverse audience (depending on the medium you choose) without taking a direct sales approach.

It also allows you to connect with readers, position yourself as an expert on a particular subject, and encourage people to take an action such as visit your website or sign up to your event.

A well-written advertorial should:

  • Position you as an expert
  • Relate your product/service offering to people’s everyday lives
  • Encourage site traffic, sign ups and purchases
  • Boost SEO (if online and infused with links)

If you’re seeking a marketing copywriter to craft an advertorial, I can help. I have extensive experience writing for online and print mediums, and can achieve that delicate balance between sales and newsworthy content.

Need a quality advertorial?