Spotlight On: Case Studies

What is a case study? Case studies are a brilliant way to show what your business is capable of – rather than just saying it. A case study is a piece of content that explains the what, why and how of a previous project you've worked on. It helps potential...

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Spotlight On: Website Content

What is website content? Website content is the words that sit on your website. In this day and age, it's not enough to have "OK" website content. Your website content must be superior. If you focus on nothing else, you should at least put your best foot...

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Spotlight On: Sales Letters

What is a sales letter? A sales letter can be a direct sales letter (the physical version that goes to a mailbox and the recipient tears it open with their fingers), or a sales letter sent over email. Sales letters attempt to sell a product or service to a...

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Spotlight On: Press Releases

What is a press release?A press release is a piece of copy that informs the media of a particular event or newsworthy story.Businesses use press releases to try and get free coverage from print or digital magazines and newspapers. This free coverage can be...

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Spotlight On: Blog Posts

What is a blog?A blog is a series of "posts" (articles) that sit on your website. Blog posts were originally used by businesses to engage with their target audiences by inviting comments and facilitating conversation.These days however, blog posts take...

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Spotlight On: Advertorials

What is an advertorial?An advertorial is an article in a newspaper or magazine (print or digital) that reads like an interesting news story, but has been specifically crafted for the benefit of the business that is paying for it.For an advertorial to work,...

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