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Why It’s So Important to Do What You Love

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Why It’s So Important to Do What You Love

I’m ridiculously passionate about finding work that you love to do, and being able to make a living from it.

To me, it’s one of the most important things in life.

Going to work in a job you hate affects your health, your self-esteem and your family life. We spend SO much time working; I believe that “finding your passion”, and doing whatever it takes to make it financially viable, should be a top priority on anyone’s Life To Do List.

I was lucky. I graduated high school, bounced around a few different industries (from real estate agent to childcare worker) and then stumbled into my first business in my early 20s. It was fun (I imported unique products from overseas and distributed them around Australia), but I always found the marketing and writing side of the business more exciting than anything else.

When I discovered the two actually came together as a job title – Copywriter – I’d found my niche and the rest is history.

But enough about me. What can you do to find something you love?

Here are 3 ideas…

1. What do you love to do? Or, what do you value most?

In all honesty, I probably should have made it to the writing thing sooner. I had always loved to write. But I’d never imagined making a career out of it.

What have you always loved to do?

If you have no idea, maybe don’t take the question so literally.

I.e.: “I always loved playing policeman, so I guess I want to be a cop.” But do you, really? Expand your mind a little. Think about the qualities of a policeman: Protecting people, being in charge, staying vigilant. If that’s what you love, then you’re probably going to find yourself dying inside if you work in a job where you don’t get to express any of those attributes. Instead, put your energy into finding one that does.

If you’ve always loved sport, it doesn’t mean you need to become an athlete. It means you value health, stamina and fitness. And there are plenty of other roles that value those qualities too.

What roles, within your industry (or without), allow you to do what you really love or value?

2. What do you think makes a difference in this crazy world?

People who love to write don’t always become copywriters. Some become journalists, or novelists or technical writers.

I’m a copywriter because I want to support business owners on a mission to create something of their own. Making a difference to their lives makes me feel complete.

If I wanted to help people stay informed or know the truth behind important issues, I might have become a journalist.

What do you think is important in this world? Supporting business owners, caring for children, helping the needy, improving people’s financial situations? The list is endless. When you know how you want to make a difference, you find work you are passionate about.

3. What are you doing when time flies by?

You may have heard this one before, but it’s worth a mention.

When I’m writing, the hours fly by (I wish they didn’t so I could get more done, but that’s life). What do you get so engrossed in that you don’t even know what’s happening around you?

I’m not talking about video games – I’ve played my fair share of fun apps that I find hard to put down too. But something meaningful; something that brings you joy and adds value to someone else’s life…

Think on it.

If you’re stuck in a job you hate, it’s worth all the thinking time you can muster until you figure out how to change it.

Inspiring Simplicity…

Rachel Ziv

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