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What Inspiring Simplicity Means to Me

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What Inspiring Simplicity Means to Me

Ever landed on a website and been turned off by the sheer volume of content?

Ever read an article that bored you to tears with waffle?

Ever ignored an advertisement because it didn’t tell you instantly why you should even bother?

I have.

We’re all guilty of verbose writing. Heaven knows I’ve sent my fair share of ½ page emails. And we’re all guilty of reading things that didn’t particularly interest us, in the hope of finding something that would.

But in our everyday lives, the fact is, we’re busy. Super busy. And we’re overloaded with information from every possible source – online, on the street, TV, radio, in the shop.

I believe that people want to find what they’re looking for without having to wade through crap. Whether it’s an emotional connection, a sense of belonging, an opportunity to be enlightened, an answer to a question or a shortcut to a better life – it’s not only possible to make it quick and painless for them to find what they need. It’s essential.

When I promise to inspire simplicity through copywriting, this is what I mean:

Rapid reach – know your audience and what they’re looking for. Then make it the first thing they see.

Easy read – people aren’t dumb, but they have no time to decipher mixed messages.

Logical – all good writing has a natural beginning, middle and end. If you follow a sequence so too will your audience: right to your contact details.

Meaningful – stories make selling easier. The best-selling stories of all time don’t shy away from selling, but they do place the "selling" in context like this.

Inspiring – you want your words to inspire people to do something; to change their lives in some way. Whether it be through the benefits your product or service brings, or by absorbing the information you provide.

So the next time you sit down to write, try to find the fastest and simplest way to connect with your audience. Inspire them to want to reach out to you – to be part of the awesomeness of what you have created.

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Rachel Ziv

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