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You Have 7 Seconds

How to get people to buy from your website

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You Have 7 Seconds

Over the last decade, there have been many studies into the amount of time people spend on a website when visiting it for the first time.

Some say 3 seconds, some say 9 seconds – and most others fall somewhere in between.

In my own experience, I believe the average website gets 7 seconds.

7 seconds to:

  • • Explain what they do
  • • Connect with the visitor's wants or needs
  • • Reach the visitor in a personal way
  • • Catch the visitor's attention with something intriguing, meaningful or comforting

All can be achieved, through excellent copy and quality graphics or design.

But what's the simplest route to success?

Well, research also tells us that the very first screen your visitor sees (usually the top of your home page, before they start scrolling) makes the greatest impression.

The impression you make here almost always determines how much time they give the rest of the home page, before heading to the "About" page (statistically the second most-visited page on any website). From there they'll either disappear, or head to "Products" or "Services" before clicking "Contact" to learn more (or place an order!).

If you are designing a new website for your business, or your current website is failing to convert visitors to customers, examine these 3 elements:

1. The top of your home page. The right words (and supporting image) are essential. You must set yourself apart from the competition and intrigue, delight or comfort your visitor immediately.

2. A second key element further down your home page. Make sure that, by the time your visitor reaches the middle of your home page, they know exactly what you do, how you can help them and why they should choose you.

3. The top of your About page. Yes, the About page is about you. But it's about what you can do for your visitor. So before you launch into a spiel about why you're awesome, start by speaking to your visitor about their needs. Reach them. Only when you have achieved this will they need evidence that you know what you're talking about – and that's when you can back yourself with years of experience, qualifications, your amazing team, and so on.

It's about getting your website to do the selling for you.

Your website is there 24/7 – chatting to quantities of people you could never reach in a single day. So make sure it's saying the right things. The things your potential customers need to hear, to know that:

  • ✓ You understand them
  • ✓ You care
  • ✓ You can help

Any website can create a meaningful connection with its visitors, and turn them from potential customers into paying ones. Simply apply excellent copy and quality design to those 3 elements, and you've got a winner!

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